ATV Tours in Maras Moray
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ATV Tours in Maras Moray

ATV Tours in Maras Moray. To carry out this magnificent activity, you do not need much experience, all our ATVs are automatic and semi-automatic, this allows you to appreciate the beautiful views and be in contact with nature.

We offer you 2 different routes where you’ll also have time to visit the archaeological site of Moray (optional), the Salinas (salt mines), the small town of Maras and the lakes on the route. the best adventure activity on your free day in Cusco.


ATV Tours an adventure tours, that will leave us ecstatic, and with another perspective, of your pass through Peru – Cusco, we’ll know maras Moray salineras, but this time mounted on four wheels.

ATV Tours in Maras Moray: Itinerary

  • First we’ll take a 1 hour drive to get to our fun spot.
  • Then, we’ll pass over the beautiful landscape of one of the most seen attractions of Cusco (maras Moray and salineras) mounted on our ATVs, the tour will last 4 hours, then we’ll return to Cusco, with an experience made.

We continue with salineras maras

An ancient legend tells that the god Wiracocha made the Ayar brothers come out of a paqarina (cave), so that they founded the Inka empire among them was Ayar Kachi, and it is said that when Ayar Kachi left he threw a stone at a mountain forming a Quebrada and the four cardinal points, and his brothers seeing his incredible strength were afraid of him and joined forces to trick him back to the paqarina and locked him up, preventing him from being the founder of an empire, and it is said that Ayar Qachi I cry deeply for the betrayal of his brothers and these tears formed the pools and the sun dried them, forming the famous salt mines of maras in salt flats …… to learn more contact us

ATV Tours in Maras Moray pull Private
Price x simple ATV s/.120 s/.280
Price x doble ATV s/.160 s/. 280


ATV Tours in Maras Moray: INCLUDE

  • Round trip transportation (public)
  • Professional tour guide
  • Cuatrimotos honda
  • Fuel
  • Casco
  • Gloves
  • Professional tour guide

ATV Tours in Maras Moray: NO INCLUDE

  • Refreshment
  • Additional costs
  • Souvenir shopping
  • All activity has an additional cost (consult with the guide)
  • Tickets to the Moray archaeological center (s/. 70 the price of the tourist ticket ) salineras ( s/10)


Requirements to book the tour

  • Tour start date.
  • Names (as it appears in the passport)
  • Last names (as it appears in the passport)
  • Passports or Cedulas scanned (Required)
  • Nationality.
  • Passport number.
  • Date of birth.
  • Name of your hotel
  • Telephone numbers to contact them
  • Payment of 50% of the cost of the tour.
  • NOTE: We don’t accept payment of 100% of the cost of the tour
  • The prices are promotional and for cash payments, if you pay with a credit card, a surcharge of 8% will be made to the total.

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