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About Us

Inka’s Blood is a tour and trekking operator based in Cusco, Peru. We offer innovative tour and hiking options in Cusco and surrounding regions to travellers of all backgrounds. We were born from the idea of wishing to change the way we travel. We are proud of our cultural heritage, colourful traditions, beautiful landscapes and rich culinary expertise and are dedicated to share it all with travellers around the world. We believe we can travel with purpose anywhere we go and commit ourselves to offering the most authentic experiences possible.




Inka’s Blood is based in environmental protection and care, all made possible by highly qualified teamwork in the charge of our leaders who establish clear goals and expectations, in this way manifesting excursions for our visitors which are ethical and conscientious.

We also consider the themes of the constant training courses in our company of vital importance, and they have already contributed to personal and professional growth of every collaborator. The proof of this is in the excellent experiences, testimonies, and recommendations of every traveller.

We are committed to offering an excellent service which brings to fruition the expectations and unique experiences and our clients.


As the key to our success, we put into practice the following ethical values:

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